I have great pleasure in presenting to you the Annual report of DDPS for the academic session 2022-23.
This year was a challenging gone for us after a gap of 18 months all our students for back to school and our teachers had   tough   time in bridging the gap of the learning with great contentment.  I can confirm that we have been able to bring our children back to the rhythm of learning. All praise to the dedications and hard work of the teachers.

Apart from preparing the children for academic demands, we give atmospheres in preparing our children to face the challenges of the competitive world.

Our priority is not just learning from subject instead we aim at a holistic education focusing over all development of our students. Equal opportunities given to every students and our inclusive environment to every student.  We are closely connected to our staff, students, parents, all our stake holders and well-wishers.
This year too, we could not celebrate annual day owing to the restriction due to covid-19. As you must be keen to know the happenings in DDPS.We are presenting first batch of class 10th student ,hoping this year they will achieve their goals.

Some of the importance programs that we had during this academic year

PTA Activities

Regular PTM’S & PTA were conducted throughout the year it offered a great platform to both. Parents and teachers to share insights and information to the development of the children


The faculty of  DDPS comprises of well qualified l and empathetic  teachers with a desire to share the love of their subject with the students

Art Integration

CBSE introduced the concept of art integration in the NEP. We were supposed to integrate art in such a manner to make learning joyful.


Examinations were held in timely manners. Students’ progress in the PA and SA were informed to the parents as regular parts. Subject enrichment activity were done by the students and   teachers evaluated  these as an internal assessments after finding the average percentage of the children logging behind remedial measures were taken by arranging basic classes for such students.

DDPS not only focus upon the intellectual development of our future generation but also takes care of their emotional and behavioral development of the early ages of the development by  including sound moral values, responsibility and social awareness .We were doing it through different co- curriculum activities and school celebrations.

During the academic year 2022-2023. We had conduct various competitive and non- competitive events as mentioned in the academic calendar

National & local festivals and academic curricular & co- curricular activities.

Professional development for teachers

All the efforts have been taken to ensure quality in teaching .We have a very robust system of the teacher’s lesson observation which includes observation by the Principal and Coordinators. There were internal and external professional development sessions. Teachers training were done online via. Diksha portal and offline in CBP in different CBSE schools.


This year we have upgraded ours infrastructures. We have added new Auditorium, Science lab, Library, Language lab, Sst lab, Dance room and more classrooms. We have started 3 more digital classrooms in every floor for the student’s better development.

All thanks to our management teaching and non-teaching staff and parents along with the students who have been to providing maximum support and corporations.

As the great saying goes:-

“Success is a journey, not a destination”