Dhauladhar Public School, Barotiwala

Committee Members list (Session 2024-25)

A. Administrative & Academic Cell
1 Dr. RS Rana  Chairperson
2 KGS Rana Academic & Administrative Director
3 Mrs. Anita Gupta Principal
4 Mr. Anil Saini  Admin Head

B. Coordinators
Role :- To act as a facilitator in school, able to translate the school's vision for creative learning into practical implementation. Solving issues related to school and parents. Assist in managing schedule, student payroll, rooms and instructional supplies for workshops and other study programs. Develop and manage comprehensive academic support program. Provide guidance to students on academic goals and educational issues. Assist students, teachers on course selection, study habits and career selection.

1 Mrs. Namita Sharma  Senior wing
2 Mrs. Sarla Junior & Primary wing

C. Purchase committee
Role:-Purchase committee helps procure goods and services designed to meet operational needs while providing the highest possible value. They ensure that the organization operates with integrity while purchasing the required products. They provide the daily needs of school on time.

1 Dr.RS Rana  Chairperson
2 KGS Rana Academic & Admin Director
3. Mrs. Anita Gupta Principal
4 Mr. Anil Saini Admin Head
5 Mrs. Namita Sharma Senior wing coordinator
6 Mrs. Sarla KG & Primary wing Coordinator
7 Mrs. Surekha Incharge

D. Security Surveillance Committee
Role :-The School Committee works to maintain a safe and secure environment for its students, staff, visitors, and facilities. Security means that doors are locked at the proper times, minimizing fire hazards, reducing the possibility of faulty equipment, In pursuit of this objective, the School Committee authorizes the use of security cameras in school buildings, transport and on its property to ensure the health, welfare and safety of all students, staff and visitors.

1 Mr. Anil Saini  Transport + Outdoor/Indoor (cctv) + Fire safety
2 Mrs. Bandna (6th to 10th) + Incharge
3 Mrs. Prashant (KG to 5th)

E. Grievance Redressed Committee
Role:-A Grievance Redressed Committee is formed at institutions to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced educational environment. It is a measure to develop a responsive and accountable attitude in the Institute and ensure that there is no laxity in terms of fair-deal with the students and others. The Grievance Committee's primary purpose is to review a complaint that has not been resolved at the staff or administrative levels and to provide mediation when appropriate.

1 Dr. RS Rana Chairperson
2 KGS Rana Academic & Admin Director
3 Mrs. Anita Gupta Principal
4 Mr. Anil Saini Admin Head
5 Mrs. Namita Co ordinator
6 Mrs. Sarla Co ordinator

F. Gender safety and sexual harassment committee
Role:-The purpose of this committee is to provide protection against sexual harassment of any staff member, students & teachers at workplace and for the prevention and redressal of complaints of sexual harassment and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

1 Dr. Sapna Rana Counsellor
2 Mrs. Anita Gupta Principal
3 Mr. Anil Saini Admin Head
4 Mrs. Namita Sharma Co ordinator & Incharge
5 Mrs. Sarla Co ordinator

G. Stock Checking Committee
Role:- To carry out stock verification of the all equipment and consumables in every department. To ensure that equipment and consumables are kept safely and not misused or misplaced and creating a sense of responsibility To assess the reports after annual stock verification and to maintain the stock record.

1 Mr. Anil Saini Admin Head
2 Mrs. Dolly Incharge
3 Ms. Kusumlata  

H. Transport committee
Role:-Plan, co-ordinate and deliver the transport service, including detailed route planning, cost forecasting, demand and budgets to ensure targets Safety norms are followed in the bus ,identification of bus stops Verify documents of the Vehicle - Registration Certificate, Certificate of Fitness, Certificate of Insurance, Permit, Pollution Under Control, Driving Licence, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit etc.

1 Mr. Anil Saini Incharge
2 Mrs. Savitri Kindergarten
3 Mrs. Simpal 1st to 5th
4 Ms. Kusumlata 6th to 10th

I. Library Committee
Role:- To consolidate the list of books that need to be purchased and check with the existing stock to avoid any surplus purchases. To shortlist the suppliers and submitted to the management for the approval. To shortlist the vendors for the e-journals, technical printed national and international journals, periodicals, etc.Carry out the stock verifications of the books , ensure necessary discipline in the library and to prepare budget .

1 Mrs. Anita Gupta Principal
2 Mrs. Seema Incharge
3 Mrs. Shilpa 6th to 10th
4 Mrs. Reena 1st to 5th
5 Mrs. Pooja Dhiman KG
6 Mrs. Bandna ICT

J. Excursion and Event management committee
Role:- To enhance the campus life experience of every student through excursion, cultural and extracurricular activities.To plan and schedule picnic, trips & cultural events for the academic year. To plan and prepare budget , time schedule , activities for the events .

1 Mrs. Anuradha 6th to 10th
2 Mrs. Isha 1st to 5th
3 Mrs. Reena Incharge
4 Mrs. Rama KG

K. Repair & Maintaince committee
Role:- To establish regular maintenance of the building and the equipment's of the institute. The committee's objective is to correspond with the people responsible for the maintenance and monitor the quality of work and given time schedule of the job. To monitor regular maintenance in the institute on daily basis.

1 Mr. Anil Saini Admin head
2 Mrs. Bhawana Tanwar Incharge

L. Infection Control Committee
Role :-Its function is to prevent and control infections. Development of infection control procedures for all toilets, washing area and to provide hand wash , soap , cleansing material etc.

1 Dr. RS Rana Chairperson
2 Mrs. Anita Gupta Principal
3 Mrs. Shilpa Incharge + 6th to 10th
4 Mrs. Aman 1st to 5th
5 Mrs. Bhavna Rana KG

M. Water / Health & hygiene Committee
Role:- To deliver health and hygiene related messages to each and every student and make them follow it. Make the students know the science behind the facts and stress the importance of health & hygiene. Give the importance and benefits of eating natural foods to follow all. The health and hygiene related messages will be delivered in the classes and to ensure that drinking water, RO ,taps should be clean and should be maintained on timely manner.

1 Dr. RS Rana Chairperson
2 Mrs. Anita Gupta Principal
3 Mr. Anil Saini Admin head
4 Mrs. Simpal Incharge
5 Mrs. Bhavna Rana